Money: A Bun Dance and Scar City (Pt II)

I feel like we either see people (for the most part) share about money in one of two ways:

From how little money they have, from a place of inverted pride. Pride in their lack, as a form of false humility (ex: "I don't need money, I live above the natural plane.") or as a form of self abasement (ex: it's Monday and I'm already broke again after the weekend LOL!" or, "they may turn my water off but at least I bought the shoes!")

Alternatively, how much money they have but how much they're overworking and hustling for it -- another form of lack.


We see people share how much money they have, so that we can feel our own sense of poverty more keenly and pay them to teach us how to make more money.

Then, they make even MORE money from OUR money, all the while sharing about how much money they make -- claiming it's been "manifested" when it's really just fueled by OUR sense of lack and our consumption of their products. This helps ease our discomfort and distracts us from the root issues contributing to poverty in our lives. While of course, keeping us poor because we spent it on them, and making THEM even more rich.

I've begun to follow more people on social media who I feel are open about their money in healthy ways. Ways that either genuinely help people create a lifestyle change that contributes to more money in their life, helps them get to the root of their money mindset struggles, helps them heal money trauma, or helps promote a healthy "less is more" mentality.

I want my core values of ease, presence, and peace to permeate my finances as well as the rest of my life. I don't want the presence or lack of money in my account to dictate my inner state. This isn't something I experience consistently yet. I have mostly questions when it comes to money. What I do know is that time and money do not have to be related in the traditional ways we have been taught. I think that seeing time and money as a fair exchange keeps people in bondage.

How do you convince a free man (or woman) he is not free?

Tell him he's sick, and that his money can buy him health.

Tell him he is poor, and that his time can be exchanged for money.


I believe that I am the best investment I could ever make. YOU are the best investment you could ever make. You are worth investing in. Your wholeness is worth investing in.

Too often we are sold on investing in our ill health and our woundings. We take out loans on the ways we are laking in life, as if brokenness were better collateral than wholeness. I want to mirror to you just how worthy of investing in you are. By investing in myself first. And also, by investing in you.

Another place where I think we can get hooked in: when we believe that someone else has something that we don't have access to, we can pedestalize that person.

We can start believing things like, "they have access to codes that I don't have!" "They are walking beneath a spiritual mantle that I need and can't access unless they pass it to me!" "I need them to transmit their energy to me!" "I need their blessing!" "I need them to tell my exactly what they did to make money so I can make it in the same exact way!" "They have money because of their heritage!" "They have money because of ________!" "It's easy for them to make money but not for me!"

Not all of those may be inherently wrong or bad. But when they're fueled by our sense of LACK, and our belief and faith in our ineptitude, our poverty, our scarcity, our unworthiness, our anxiety...this is when they become toxic beliefs that can lead to us completely outsourcing our power to someone else simply because they have money, or more money than we do.

And here's the thing about scarcity -- as the name implies, it's Scar City

It's when our identity comes from our wounds alone. When we derive our worth from our scars alone. When all we know is what has been done to us or happened to us and we think that alone sums up who we are. When we over-identify with our shortcomings and wounds. That is scarcity.

When you're living in Scar City, these beliefs can become harmful and can keep us imprisoned in a cycle of outsourcing our power, outsourcing our wealth, looking for someone else's "manifesting power" to rain down on us and magically fix our problems. (this can also hook us into every "get rich now" advertisement that comes into our inbox or social feed)

For those of us who live in the USA it can be a form of bypassing, where we never really intimately get to know ourselves and why we are choosing to not make more money. Or why we may be choosing to stay broke, in unhealthy cycles of spending, or constantly manifesting demands on our money so it always runs out.

For those who live outside of the USA, it can lead to looking for someone else to give us everything for free because we don't believe we can be resourceful enough to use what is available to us. It can turn into entitlement and perpetual victimhood. I've seen men (and women) in Honduras refuse work that will continue to bring them an income over time because they believed they could get a one time free handout from a ministry nearby.

When we are coming from abundance (WOAH can we do the asme thing for abundance like we did for scarcity? Let's try this!)

A bun dance.

I love it!!

When our buns are dancing, and we come from THAT energy, from THAT place, it totally changed how those beliefs I mentioned land and affect us. THEN we can hire that mentor who has codes we desire