This is MY church

I countered with, "You can't show me a verse in the New Testament that says it's immodest for a woman to wear her hair down. THAT is your opinion."
He leveled with me and replied, "And this is MY church."

Let me rewind the (very personal) story that leads up to this....


A few months ago, I had an intense experience during a Wombspace Healing and Holistic Pelvic Care Session.

As you know, I am always ever deepening my self embodiment and self knowing, continuing my healing journey and soul-expansion. This particular journey required that I drive 4 hours away from home, and stay in multiple Airbnb's so that I could allow my beautiful and trusted friend to facilitate an opportunity for deeper healing for me. My investment altogether was in the 4 digits for this ONE alchemical experience alone. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat because it's been the SINGLE MOST LIFE-CHANGING INVESTMENT I have made in myself the last two years. (as of the date I wrote this)

I have not just FELT but I have SEEN a marked difference in my life in ALL areas: business, social, intimate relationships, sex drive and sexuality, physically, energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically...these are what come to mind right away.

I have had more clarity, more energy, more peace, increased creativity, easier access to my desire...those closest to me in my life have told me, "You have more energy, and handle stress more efficiently."

Directly before my session, I did a quick 15 minute Yoni Steam (read more about this on the website through the “Resources“ link in the menu) and allowed myself to begin to focus inward. I journaled through some things, and pulled a couple of oracle cards (want to know what these are? message me via the chat box here on the site or email me at as I prepared mentally and spiritually for the session, after my long 4 hour drive that day.

Why didn't I opt for a virtual session, you may be wondering? Or couldn't I do it for myself?

For one thing, I knew I needed the physical presence and touch of another woman. I felt this deep in my bones. I have held space for myself MANY times. I have done internal vaginal de-armouring MANY times for myself. I have done cervical de-armouring for myself. There is SO MUCH power in being our own space holder and priestess. AND I knew that to go deeper, I would need to trust another woman to hold the space for me. I knew that this was part of healing the sisterhood wound, the mother wound, and the mistrust of women I had struggled with in the past.

There is a special surrender that comes when we trust another person to hold space for us, and with our bodies. I knew I needed that. I desired that.

Yes, I could do it alone for myself.

And yet, NO. I could not do it alone, for myself.

After my Yoni Steam, I stripped down and slipped beneath the sheets on the table. She walked in, lit some Palo Santo and murmured a blessing and prayer over me. We became more aware, together, of the Presence of Spirit and she held space as I dropped from my headspace into my heartspace, and from my heartspace into my wombspace.

I was breathing deeply and rhythmically, filling my belly with air and allowing each exhale to be a soft sigh.

"You'll feel my touch." she said, after gaining my consent.

I felt one warm hand over my Wombspace, and I felt her other hand slip between my spread thighs under the privacy of the sheets. Her warm fingers brushed my vulva lips.

"When you're ready, I'll come inside."

I nodded my head and whispered that I was ready.

She slipped her fingers inside and gently palpated my vaginal walls, letting me know which areas she was checking. My pelvic floor, the right side, the left side, the top, and my cervix.

As she palpated my pelvic floor and walls gently, and we went through the session, I could completely release, surrender and let go. Warm tears slipped down my cheeks from the sense of safety and comfort I felt in trusting her to be the space holder, and allowed myself to lean into the raw experience.

During the session and inward journey with Spirit, I was surprised (in the moment) by what my body revealed to me.

One of the biggest revelations, and the one I want to share with you, is that it is VITAL that as women we take BACK the power and authority we have given away under the guise of "submission."

I had a memory surface for me, and take me back to the time when I was 18/19.

I was sitting in my pastors home in Honduras, CA at the dining table. He and I were having a discussion about my upcoming shift into the role of "Sunday school teacher" and what that would entail.

He began the conversation, "You're an adult now, and it's time for you to obey God rather than man."

He reminded me that my dad was not requiring me to wear a head covering. (if you don't know what this is and have questions, please feel free to ask me)

He brought up the New Testament verses that say that a woman should not pray or prophesy without her head being covered, for the sign to the angels and to symbolize that she was under her husbands authority. His stance was that I should wear a covering over my head all day, to symbolize that I was obeying Gods mandate to be covered and represent my submission to my pastors authority, and my dads authority (even if my dad didn't ask or require that I do it.)